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About the Game

The Reddit game is intended for a group of 3-4 players that simulates the online experience of one of the most used social media platforms in the world, Reddit. While it captures the essential spirits of the social media platform’s unique community culture and mechanism, our game also adds in some slightly competitive flares to better fit the board game context.

Content of the game

 • 1 Game Board
• 10 Avatar Cards
• 40 Currency Bills
• X Silver Awards
• X Argentium Awards
• X Community Awards
• (Ideally ∞) Posts for each Community
• Tokens for Karma Points

Overview of a turn

1. In the Reddit game, the players each play in turn. 
2. At the beginning of each player’s turn, they roll the dice. The number on the dice represents the community they are moderating. 
3. During the result of the term, the remaining players are considered members of that community. The moderator then draws one post from the community and shows it to the members. 
4. After reading the post, each member has 30 seconds to write a response to the post on a paper. If members finish responding before the timer runs out, they can hand their response face down to a moderator who is not part of the gameplay.
5. After collecting all responses, the moderator shuffles, reveals and reads them to other players. 
6. The moderator can then evaluate each response with an “upvote”, “downvote” or no reaction. Members who receive an “upvote” can take 1 Karma from the Karma Bank, and members who receive a “downvote” put 1 Karma into the Karma Bank. 
7. A player with negative Karma is immediately eliminated from the game. 
8. The moderator can also choose to use Currency Bills to purchase Awards to reward a response. When an Award is given to a response, both the responder and moderator gain equal Karma that is awarded. 
9. A player also has the option of buying stakes in a community in exchange of karma points. If a player owns some stake in a community, everytime the community gets rewarded, the player also recieves karma points proportional to the stake owned.

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