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Conversational Self Inspection


My Role and Responsibilities

  • Research : Competitive research

  • Concept Building

  • UX Design: Sketches, Wireframing, Usability Testing

  • Prototyping

About the Project

Tools used

  • Figma

  • Sketch

  • Miro



About OLX Autos

OLX Autos is one of the 30+ companies owned by the OLX Group and has presence in several countries like India. Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Indonesia etc.

OLX Autos is an online Car trading platform. User can sell their Car,  buy one from the car listings from the platform or get their purchase financed by OLX. Selling, Buying and Finance are the three verticals OLX Autos deals with. They have Android, iOS as well as Web platforms.

This Project fell under the selling vertical, we later explored its implementation in Finance as well.

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Understanding the Process

How does the selling a Car on OLX happen?

Screenshot 2021-11-27 at 3.51.14 PM.png

User visits OLX App to sell a Car

Performs Self Inspection

Get a Quote for the Car

Instant Payment


What is Self Inspection?

Before understanding what self inspection is, lets understand what a Car inspection is and how it takes place.

While selling a used Car, one needs a detailed analysis of the Car before putting a price on it. During the inspection process an expert has to take a look at the car to access it's condition. This process of inspecting. the Car to derive its condition is known as Inspection.

"Self Inspection" as the word suggests is doing the Car inspection process yourself!

In Self Inspection the user is asked for enough data points about the Car to help us give them a almost final price for their Car. We need the following details from the user :


Car Basic Details
Car Brand
Car Variant
Registration Year
Fuel Type
Insurance Type
Transmission type



Car Condition Details
AC Condition
Clutch condition
Engine Condition
Smoke Colour
Oil leakages

Additional Accessories


Car Photos
Image of front & back side
Image of left & right side
Image of Odometer
Image of Car interiors

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Identifying Pain points

What does OLX need from the User?

What does a user want?

OLX needs this information in order to generate a quote for the Car:

1. The Basic Details of the Car

2. Answers about the condition of the Car

3. Pictures of the Car

4. User details

Let's look at what the user's expectations and needs from the process are:

1. The best possible price quote for his/her Car

2. To be done with the process with least effort

3. To do the process on their own

How did we arrive at what we wanted to solve for?


Build Hypothesis

Based on our understanding, we went ahead and listed down possible user pain points that we as designers could identify


Validate hypothesis based on research and existing user persona

Based on previous research done on the product and the prominent personas of the product we tried to narrow down the pain-points 



Based on data we prioritised the problems we need to solve for first

Pain-Points Hypothesis

1. During self Inspection, the user has to answer a lot of questions and also take pictures of the Car. The User might find the process too long or tiresome.

2. While answering questions about the working condition of the Car, users could find some questions very technical and might struggle finding the right answers.

3. Some users coming on the Platform would not understand if the price given is the fair price for their Car. As everyone is not equal familiar with how Car prices depreciate.

4. Not all users would be equally involved with their Car, the platform will have to be inclusive of pros as well newbies.

Bucketing the Pain-points


Bucketing the points 2, 3 , 4 together basically means making the platform inclusive of all kinds of users. Considering men were the major persona on OLX, we tried to understand the pain points faced by women and elderly people 

Concept video depicting pain points of women users

Concept video depicting pain points of elderly users

Incase of women users in India :

  1. They  might not know certain Technical Details  about cars and might need help with it

  2. They tend to be less involved in financial matters about the car like insurance type etc

  3. They prefer having holistic end to end experiences rather than only goal driven experiences

  4. They might not be familiar to car resell price trends and might face difficulty gauging the quote

Incase of older adults in India :

  1. They  might need Assistance to navigate through the Platform and make the right choices

  2. They Fear online Deals, they need to be assured about the authenticity of the process

  3. They feel Insecure About sharing any personal details online and need to be reassured about safety


Making the information gathering experience delightful by making the experience engaging and easy to complete will help users not find the process too long or tiresome.

"How can we HUMANISE the experience"

"How to ASSIST the user better"


"How can we make the process more INCLUSIVE"

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Concept building

Based on the identified user problems, the next step was to start building out concepts to solve the problems. Here are the top few concepts that were built :

Conversational UI Explorations - Frame 4.jpg

A lot of exploration Later...

Concept #1

Conversational Self Inspection with OLX as a Buyer or Inspection Engineer

Screenshot 2021-12-06 at 1.55.46 AM.png

Conversations are the most natural ways of exchanging information. Also, when a Car buyer ask a seller about his/her car, the seller is keen to provide the right information to make a sale.

In this concept, we tried to replicate real buyer-seller conversations to make the information gathering experience better.

Positives :

1. Humanizes the process 

2. Helps understand why certain question are needed

3. Makes the information taking process smoother

4. We can explain things better

Negatives :

1. Users might expect to talk to a real person, and get disappointed

Concept #2

Build your own Car

Screenshot 2021-12-06 at 2.06.35 AM.png

This concept tries to add elements of Gamification to the process. With every question that the user answers  the Car eventually gets built, to replicate his/her exact Car. 

Positives :

1. Engaging because of visual interaction

2. Real time impact can be motivating for the user

3. The feeling of building something imparts a sense of satisfaction to the user

Negatives :

1. For people who just wanted to get done with the process might not want a elaborate experience

2. Difficulty of implementation

Concept #3

Camera as the assistant

Screenshot 2021-12-06 at 10.12.22 PM.png
Screenshot 2021-12-06 at 10.12.22 PM.png

In this concept, the conversation is happening on the camera interface, the cues are received on the Camera screens and the user provides all the necessary information through images. 

Positives :

1. Low effort as user would only have to take a few images

2. Authentic data as images would give quality data

Negatives :

1. Would require high image processing capabilities to read up data from images

To finalise a concept and get more ideas and critics, I conducted a Workshop with my design team at OLX

I used the Dreamer, Optimist, Critic workshop framework for this one.

I surfaced the concept for the team and asked each team member to get into the shoes of a :


- Generates a lot of ideas around the concept

- Is free to imagine and suggest anything

- Doesn't think about Constraints


- Talks about what all things he/she likes about the concept


- Gives Feedback around the concept

- Finds Weak points

- Wants to prevent failures

WORKSHOP INSIGHTS (20 Participants from the Design team participated)

Self Inspection Brainstorming - Frame 26.jpg
Self Inspection Brainstorming - Frame 28.jpg
Self Inspection Brainstorming - Frame 27.jpg
Self Inspection Brainstorming - Frame 29.jpg

Final Concept!


Conversational Self Inspection with OLX as a Buyer or Inspection Engineer

Based on the the feedback from the workshop and analysis of concepts basis feasibility, impact and usability a final concept was picked!

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What would the overall concept be?

The user will complete the Self evaluation process as a conversation with a assistant with a Buyer Persona. The assistant would ask the information required in the Self inspection journey in the conversation and the user would be answering it.

The Benefits of this approach are :

1. Using conversations and a human buyer tone we can persuade the user to answer the questions.

2. The Process can be made slightly informal and engaging using conversations.

3. The persona characteristics could be customized for different user segments to make the process inclusive of all kind of users.

4. Easy error redirection : The human like persona can help in guiding the user if he commits a error

A concept video by me to show a conversation between a buyer and seller 

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Final Designs

Introducing the Assistant

Screenshot 2021-12-07 at 1.50.20 AM.png

Before finalising on what the assistant should look like, a lot of different styles like 3D characters, abstract styles inspired from siri. cortana were explored

To keep the essence of real conversations, a decision to keep a human face was taken. 

Samsung Galaxy A50.png

Meet Arik!

Arik is from OLX. He wants to buy your car. But before that he needs to inspect the car by asking a few question.

Arik introduces himself and what the conversation will entail and gets the conversation started!

Gathering Car Basic Details


The way we address the user is customised based on the information we have about the user


Providing assistance with the question to help the user

For example : To find the Car's variant "Check your Car's invoice"


Celebrating the success of completing a section to encourage the users!


Helping user answer technical details about the car like colour of the engine smoke 


Using a human tone to persuade the user give more information like Car images


Prioritising the user's comfort by asking the user the convenient time to reach back

A Glimpse of the prototype (1).gif

To summarize, this is a conversational system that helps user inspect their own Car by :

1. Using informal language to make the technical process seem simpler

2. Persuading the user to answer in a natural way

3. Making the process faster by using conversations which are the most common way people communicate

4. Making the process inclusive of everyone by assisting users to find the right answers

Exploring the Concept in Finance

unnamed (1).png

So far we saw the use the concept of using conversations in the selling journey to improve the information gathering experience. While looking at more possible places where this concept would flourish we came across the financing process which was also being worked on!

To get a certain loan amount pre approved, we need certain details about the user. Why not user conversations to gather the information in a effective manner?

Here are the final designs for the same :

Anchor 6

Next steps

The concept is currently in a prototype state and is being explored in different areas. 

The next steps would include developing it and launching it for users to interact with in order to validate its usability and other metrics


This was my first time working with a design team at a product company. Also, the problem statement was very interesting so the learnings were immense. Just noting down a few of the important ones :

1. My mentor at OLX inspired me to never think of the most practical and constrained solution at the first attempt. Think wild, think big.

2. Getting feedback is very important for a designer to produce good design. I learnt to be open to feedback from other team members.

3. Communicating your idea is as important as coming up with it. I learnt to always be very articulate and prepared well before presenting your concepts.

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